Producer and entertainment promotionalist Gordy Grundy will create an entertaining vehicle to meet any demographic or logistical need.

Having earned a BA in Economics from USC, Grundy has spent a lifetime in entertainment marketing and production. He has worked with most film studios, notably Disney, as an entertainment marketing and promotional specialist.

As Producer for the award-winning CAST Theatre chain in Hollywood, he has been responsible for the marketing and management of over 100 theatrical and musical productions.


Grundy has extensive nightclub experience, creating, directing, producing and promoting events and shows, on a consistent weekly schedule.

As a project manager and product manufacturer, Grundy has published books, magazines, specialty lines and apparel product. Past manufacturing and marketing efforts can be found at


As a marketing authority, his insightful and strategic articles have earned a large following on the national Huffington Post.


Now a resident of O'ahu, Grundy lives to create, as a painter and arts writer. He makes art daily and exhibits frequently. Visual and literary work can be found at


Contact: Honolulu Cell: (213) 200-5523 Send an E-mail:



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