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c. Gordy Grundy

The Blackouts
is just one entertainment concept of many for Hawaii. Producer and entertainment promotionalist Gordy Grundy will create an entertaining vehicle to meet any demographic or logistical need.



THE BLACKOUTS: The Most Fun You'll Never Remember Having! promises a fast, hip and upbeat dinner show of hilarious sketch comedy, song, dance and local variety acts for international audiences. A late night show finishes with nightclub dancing and drinking for all.


Blackout is an old vaudeville term. On the black stage, the lights pop on to reveal a sketch comedy performance. When it's over, the lights black out.



The Blackouts offers a fast clip of crowd-swaying song, lively dance, keen commentary and smart comedy sketches. The Blackout Beauties provide an over-abundance of sex appeal. Exotic magician T-Rik will astound you! Old Ailani the Paniolo tells tales of old Waikiki. The audience is constantly engaged with contests, prizes and maybe even a groovy sing-a-long. Ultimately, the show proves to be highly inspiring and entertaining; the audience will be grateful for the experience.


After the show, DJ Valihi keeps the beat with the Mocambo Mix. Everybody dance!


Concept References: De La Guarda, the seventies Laugh-In TV show, Little Joy, the Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, Stomp, Forever Plaid, Tony and Tina's Wedding, Fischerspooner, Nudes On Ice



When people say, "You can't get good Mexican food in Hawaii", the Blackouts prove otherwise. Local produce, Hawaiian cowboy ranch meats and tortillas flown in fresh from East LA are the backbone of our newsworthy fusion menu.



Have you ever tried a Blackout? Our mixologist recommends two. The concoction of premium liquors arrives in a large glass, garnished with a souvenir miniature outrigger canoe paddle.




Every customer is treated like a close friend. Guests receive a sophisicated magazine-like program and a Goody Bag filled with cool products from our promotional partners and coupons from local advertisers.



Every aspect of the show is aimed to market itself. Our model is classic showmanship. Local talent and special guest stars create a constant buzz. Our fusion of foods, Mexica-Waiian, is designed for flavor, humor and newsworthiness. Our promotional partners widen the circle. There is always something fun and interesting going on at the Blackouts.



Having earned a BA in Economics from USC, Grundy spent four years as marketing-public relations lead and Associate Producer for the award-winning CAST Theatre chain in Hollywood. There, he was involved with over 100 theatrical and musical productions. He has extensive nightclub experience, producing weekly events and shows. As a manufacturer, Grundy has published books, magazines and produced apparel product lines. He has worked with most film studios, notably Disney, as an entertainment marketing and promotional specialist. Past marketing efforts can be found at


A resident of Oahu, Grundy is well known as an American painter and writer. He makes art daily and exhibits frequently. Visual and literary work can be found at


Contact: Phone (213) 200-5523 E-mail:


c. Gordy Grundy