Newport Beach, CA: 28 August

St. Judes Children's Research Hospital "Caribbean Nights" Fundraiser

Sometimes Life D.N.S. (Does Not Suck.)
A beautiful night on a sandy beach, I got to share the stage with two stunning actresses, hang out with friends, meet many great people and help out some kids whose lives kinda suck.

Poppy Montgomery was bright, vibrant and fun.
Brunette Kimberly Williams was Southern sweet.

Great people for a great cause.
Terre Thomas, daughter of St. Jude's founder Danny Thomas. Dana Lynn Myerson Baljeu Roth Agamalian and kingpin John Agamalian. Wild man Morton Irvine Smith and his beautiful wife MaryAnn. Shining Christy Butera. Betsy and Chuck Denham. Success story Marco and Gale Baljeu. Lisa and Robert Ahlke. Carol and Jim Seaver. Vivacious Tina Newman. Sublime Michelle Barber. Hilary Niblo. Mike Briggs. Band Dread Zepplin. Oh, yeah, and a buncha brave kids who are fighting for their lives.

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